Protective Hockey Equipment

The Superman Syndrome

Avoid the “Superman Syndrome” on the ice, and get the best use out of today’s protective equipment.

As good as it is, there isn’t any protective equipment that can keep a player from getting a serious spinal injury in a head on collision with their head down.

But protective equipment can prevent or reduce concussions, as well as facial, mouth and other injuries, so we’ve included guidelines for the proper care and maintenance of protective equipment.

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird!
It’s a plane…

Earlier in this guide, we spoke of reckless play as being “dumb hockey,” and it is. One factor leading to reckless play may actually be the “can’t get hurt” feeling some players get as a result of wearing protective equipment.

So it’s worth your while to tell players that the purpose of their protective equipment is to protect them from sticks, pucks, skates and other objects, not to allow them to skate recklessly.